Elliott “Gimp” Durant is Cleveland native born in 1986. He is a dancer, instructor and Broadcaster. He began dancing in the summer of 2001 after meeting some breakers from Cleveland’s westside at an extreme sports event, Gravity Games. Before dance, he was an experienced aggressive inline skater and skateboarder. After meeting the westside Cleveland breakers, he began to attend many practices and sessions throughout the city. He considered SAFMOD, an unique entertainment company and studio his home after learning many of his moves there. Elliott has over 15 years of experience in dance instruction, performing and and overall Breaking. He has competed at many events throughout Ohio and the neighboring states since 2003.

Elliott is a 2016 NBA Champions, The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Scream Team Veteran! A master of crowd interaction and making the most out of opportunity when presented.  As if being with the Cavs for years weren't enough, he has helped with local business start up and growth. He has recently graduated from Ohio Media School in Valley View, while studying broadcasting. Elliott has worked as a radio host and dance instructor while being an entertainer and still maintaining a course load with school. He has proven his dedication and the willingness to work hard and succeed regardless of obstacle or objection.

Elliott is the host of our Live Broadcasting department, CBRS Live, which is soon to debut the first online Live streaming podcast at CityBreaks Studio. Be sure to stay tuned and see what he has up his sleeves.

HOST. PRODUCTION MANAGERhttp://instagram.com/jmovz0734

Jorge “Kid Bless” Diaz was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and moved to the city of Cleveland in 1992. He is the oldest of four siblings. Diaz has over 14 years of experience as a professional Breaker, dance instructor, and entertainer. Diaz has performed on stage along with artist such as; Miri Ben Ari, Sugar Hill Gang, Machine Gun Kelly, KRS One, Migos, A$ap Ferg. He traveled around the caribbean, Mexico, and throughout the pacific as a featured act onboard many Carnival Cruise Line vessels. 

Diaz audition for the 2016 NBA Champions, The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Scream Team in 2007 and has been on the team on and off for the past 10 years. While working for the Cavs, Diaz has performed for over 20,000 screaming fans at every Cavs home games. He has won many awards from Bboy competitions and has traveled the country teaching workshops and inspiring the youth.

He recently took part in 3 30-School Tour along with the CityBreaks Krew, performing and teaching elementary and middle school kids. He was a featured performer at The Mountain Dew Tour, The X-Games, and Gravity games.

His goal is to make a living doing what he loves and sharing his experience and expertise with the youth.

Kid Bless


CityBreaks Krew

We specialize in high energy dance performances featuring the city of Cleveland’s elite dancers. We cover a wide variety of genres from Hip Hop to latin, top 40 even some jazz and contemporary. We are available for your next Private function, Corporate events, K-12 School assemblies, College showcases, etc. Our dancers are well trained and professional. We train weekly and work on being the best the city has to offer. We are driven by passion and love our craft deeply. Below you will get to know The Krew, the people who help make CityBreaks Cleveland an unique and a special place. As a Krew, we have performed at many events in Cleveland such as: The new and improved Public Square, Ingenuity Festival, Sparx in the city, Taste of Tremont, Parade The Circle, Latino Arts festival, La Placita Cinco de Mayo festival, Ohio University, Cleveland Cavaliers Home games, Cleveland Public Theatre, Weapons of Mass Creation Festival, screening of the motion picture DOPE, Screening of the motion picture PLANET BBOY, Nationwide commercial for Pringles, many CMSD schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, Concerts, and even overseas in China, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, etc.

For booking information contact us via email: Book@citybreakscle.com

Daisun Lee

Born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Julian G. Mendez started dancing around 10 years old, beginning with Spanish ballroom dance, primarily lessons from his parents, who are the first generation in their Puerto Rican family born in the United States. Around the age of 12, Julian’s interest in hip hop dance began.  At 14, Julian’s curiosity in the B-boy lifestyle (break dancing) began. After Julian’s initial start in Spanish dance, he then branched out as a “popper” and only when he began to immerse himself more into choreography, he began to fuse the “popping” and break dancing together.  As he started to learn more about the B-boy world, he started to concentrate on the B-boy aspect more fully.

His time with the Scream Team has allowed to me travel to many places in the United States and out of the country, to China. Dancing has allowed him to teach, explore, and showcase his talents to an abundant amount of people.  A lot of the members of the Scream Team are friends prior to me joining the Team, and those friends have kept him grounded those times when the Team was put on a high pedestal and most of them looked at it as just doing what we loved as opposed to a job.  The Scream Team has helped Julian grow, has given him a perception on how things are done in the entertainment business.

Through Julian’s career with the Cleveland Cavaliers & beyond, he’s helped to educate underprivileged youth through local dance studios & school programs about what dance, hip hop, and B-boying is all about.  Julian is a dancer who has been self-taught in the presence of friends & very rarely in a studio setting.  

Dance helped Julian channel the negativity in his life into something positive.

His overall goal for the next couple years is to help educate, to help people understand what it is to be a dancer, to understand hip hop culture, and that one can literally take anything negative in life and turn it over to a positive aspect, and channel it into dance.  

“My best advice is for the people who work as hard as they can… just keep going, always look for something to strive for. While you are sitting here and doing nothing, someone else in the world is doing something.  Someone else is practicing their craft.”

Emmanuel “Manny” Vega is a Cleveland native born February of 1988. He began dancing 2002 and has come a long way since. Manny has over 15 years of experience in dance instruction, performing and competing. He also has 6 years of tumbling experience with 4 years of proper gymnastics training. Manny is a 10 year veteran dancer for the 2016 NBA Champions, The Cleveland Cavalier’s Scream Team where he performs for over 20,000 screaming fans at every home game since 2006. In the fall of 2013, Manny took part in a 30-Schools, 3 State Tour along with the CityBreaks Krew, performing and teaching at elementary and junior high schools.

Manny has won many awards, participated in many events and Dance competitions in Ohio, PA, Michigan, Miami, and New York. Manny was a featured dancer at the 2008 NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND, America’s got Talent, the motion picture FUN SIZE, and traveled to Rio De Jinero, Brazil to perform for over 10,000 Latin American fans. He also appeared in several Television commercials such as a Cleveland local restaurant chain, “Famous Gyro George” and RedBull BC1 Nintendo game.

Manny has recently been a featured dancer in the music video for Cleveland rapper, Ezzy’s new single, “GOODBYE”, in the official soundtrack for the new film, THE LAND, executive produced by NAS and directed by Cleveland's own, Steven Caple Jr as well as a featured dancer in a LeBron James’ executive produced CNBC TV show, Cleveland Hustles, set to air August 24th, 2016.




Anthony “Nino” Smith has been an all around performer since the young age 2. Introduced to hip hop by his older brother, was a matter a time before it became his lifestyle. Training and performing in local shows he knew he was on to something so he constantly worked on level up his craft. Becoming a versatile hip hop dancer with "Popping" being his strength.

As an adult he is has been a professional dancer for over 10 years being a part of the Champion hip hop dance team for the Cleveland Cavaliers "The Scream Team". Also a member of two Cleveland hip hop crews Point Blank and of course City Breaks Crew.

Anthony has 10 plus years experience in hosting and is an aspiring actor and model going for the stars, landing some amazing extra work in Major Motion Pictures and in numerous theater productions.. and was recently a featured dancer on LeBron James’ executive produced CNBC TV show, Cleveland Hustles, set to air August 24th, 2016 .




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